Nest Cam IQ Keeps Your Home Safe and Secure 24/7

Nest Cam IQ

When people hear about Nest, they usually think about the popular Learning Thermostat. However, the company has in it’s portfolio various products for a serious smart home setup.

For instance, Nest brings up some powerful Smoke & CO alarms and detectors, indoor and outdoor security cameras and Nest Aware, a smart facial detection software.

Today we are going to talk about securing your home through Nest Cam IQ, a new product from Nest that is sure to bring a new perspective to the way you treat your home security. This new camera comes as a much improved version of the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor.

Nest Cam IQ is a HQ security camera that requires little to no knowledge for the setup process. It’s a camera that you place on your desk and forget about. Yet, the Nest Cam IQ will never forget about you or your home.

After powering up the camera, Nest Cam IQ will start recording HQ videos of every movement detected in your home. Besides that, you should know that unlike a traditional camera, Cam IQ has a processing unit which integrates with Nest Aware in order to enable facial recognition.

On top of that, the sensor embedded in Cam IQ is 4k but is only used for bringing more quality when you zoom in to see who’s wandering in your home. When Cam IQ detects a presence in your home, it will automatically take a picture and alert you on your smart phone.

Top 5 Nest Cam IQ Features

1. It includes Nest Aware

This is a smart facial recognition software developed by Nest helping the Cam IQ detect friendly faces and potential robbers.

2. Sends notifications to your smartphone

Whenever Cam IQ detects unwanted motion, the camera takes a picture and sends you a mobile notification through the app.

3. Liveview & Dual View

You can monitor the activity in your home 24/7 through the app on your smartphone and you can do that using dualview.

4. Cutting-edge Hardware Upgrades

The Cam IQ includes a 6-core processor, a better connectivity and a 4K sensor which allows you to analyze HQ footage. On top of that, the camera includes 3 noise canceling microphones and a powerful speaker-alarm to scare off intruders.

5. HD Talk & Listen

It gets quite interesting when Cam IQ delivers you notification when kids come from school and you talk to them and they can listen and reply instantly.

We consider Nest Cam IQ a great investment which will cost $299, $100 more than it’s older counterparts, but definitely worth the investment considering the hardware upgrades. Nest is expected to launch the Cam IQ starting the end of June so you can pre-order right now.

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