IT Networks & WiFi

The backbone of any home or commercial automation setup is the network on which it resides. To ensure the highest quality experience, you will need superior connectivity. To achieve superior connectivity, it is important to upgrade your network and WiFi capabilities. With upgraded network and WiFi capabilities, you can make sure that your connected devices are always accessible when you need them, instead of being at the mercy of less-than-stellar infrastructure.

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Why Work With Us?

Geeks of Technology uses industry-leading cabling and equipment to ensure that you are getting the most out of your home or business automation system, including your IT network and WiFi. One of the basics of smart home or smart office integration is having great connectivity and an effective wireless connection that never fails. Whether this involves a more powerful modem and router, more sophisticated building cabling, or advanced WiFi technology, we can get the smart home or office technology components in place to provide you with the fastest speeds and most reliable connection, all the time.

Calculate Your Home Budget

An all in one tool that helps you get a budget estimate for your smart home installation.

The budget tool will help you calculate individual budgets for home audio, distributed video, entertainment and security systems alongside costs for smart custom applications and control environment.

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