VSAT & Networking

Our smart yacht automation services include

Top-notch Connectivity That Stands Besides Your Luxury Yacht

Either if you do business or personal conversations via the internet, a stable VSAT connection is of greatest importance for your yacht. Fortunately we are Florida's award-winning installation team who specialize in implementing the cutting-edge solutions your ship's needs.

Best VSAT and Networking Systems Available Today

fast vsat

Superior Connectivity at Sea

Nobody enjoys a slow internet connection and nobody likes when their smart devices lag. To ensure a powerful connectivity, we place great importance on the network that sustains the communication throughout your ship. This network will separate internet connectivity and device communication so that you can enjoy fast browsing and send lighting-fast commands to your smart devices.

marine network security

Unparalleled Security

Our customer's data-safety is top priority for us! We believe in privacy and therefore ensure a secure, encrypted communication between devices on sea and VSAT. On top of that, you are the one who controls how devices interact over your network.

wifi connection marine

WiFi Connection

We all know how important is for you and your business to stay connected to the internet permanently on a reliable network. At Geeks of Technology we work with the industry leader equippment which follow the latest communication standards to ensure that you won't miss any important messages or business leads.

yacht device communication

Device Communication & Sharing

Our network connection will enable encrypted access to all your devices. This way you will be able to share and edit important documents or files almost instantly from your own local cloud.

voip on yacht

VoIP Communication

We don't want you to ever miss an important call, not even when you are at sea. For this we will ensure that every call you make or receive will benefit from crystal clear conversations from your computer, phone or even classic landline.

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The budget tool will help you calculate individual budgets for home audio, distributed video, entertainment and security systems alongside costs for smart custom applications and control environment.

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