Pool and Sauna Automation Systems

Our smart yacht automation services include

Luxury Pools & Saunas Automation

Make the most out of your yacht's pool and sauna by working with Geeks of Technology, industry leader in Marine Automation Systems. Our pool lighting and LED configurations will enhance the aesthetics of your pool and will make it stand out in the crowd. Take the music with you even when you are enjoying a nice sauna session!

Custom Pool & Sauna Yacht Integration

LED pool lighting

LED Spotlight Installation

Nothing makes a pool stand out like LED spotlights. These small, elegant lightbulbs will be seamlessly integrated in your pool's walls without interfering with your swimming area, lighting up based on sensor or via remote controller. You can even change colors based on an RGB color system.

control water temperature

Control the Water Temperature

Even though we install a water temperature sensor, you will be able to change the temperature in your pool however you like. You can do this remotely via the mobile application or our touch control panel.

sauna speaker installation

Take the Sound With You

Did you know we can blend-in the sound system with your sauna's design? From now on you can enjoy your favorite tracks while you relax and enjoy a sauna session.

sauna sensor system

Advanced Sensoring System

We can set up a smart sensoring system which detects when you are around and turns on the lights and makes sure the sauna doesn't overheat.

sauna activity mobile

Monitor Sauna Activity

Thanks to the smartphone apps available for iPhone and Android you can make sure you turned of the sauna and the lights, and if you forgot, you can do this remotely via your mobile phone.

Calculate Your Home Budget

An all in one tool that helps you get a budget estimate for your smart home installation.

The budget tool will help you calculate individual budgets for home audio, distributed video, entertainment and security systems alongside costs for smart custom applications and control environment.

Calculate Budget

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