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Home Automation in our vision is technology integration that is exquisitely tailored to the people living in the home, providing comfort, easy controls of its amenities, and it has the ability to adjust to your lifestyle. But most importantly – saves money and energy. At home or away, this lifestyle technology empowers the smart home owners to be in control of features such as Audio Video Systems, Lighting, Windows Shades, Thermostats, Security Systems, as well as allows customization of how the home should adjust to the current lifestyle.

Bal Harbour

A dedicated home theater is a precisely engineered room, where the environment is designed for maximum audio visual performance and enjoyment. Acoustic treatments applied to walls, floor and ceilings, provide isolation outside noise, and precise speaker positioning ensures top audio performance. Every detail is carefully planned, theatre seating is optimally placed to allow for unobstructed viewing, theater lighting is adjusted and the high-definnition projector calibrated for peak performance.

Coconut Grove

It is well known that lighting can dramatically change a room’s mood, turning ordinary into extraordinary. Elegance and luxury are not only easier to achieve than ever, but enable home owners to achieve massive energy savings. Our custom designed lighting systems include lighting controls like dimmers, stylish keypads or touch panels, and allow you to set the room to your optimal lighting preference. Scene presets provide instant lighting adjustment for entertaining, relaxing, reading, romance or any mood.

Coral Gables

Acting as an effective shield against solar UV radiation, the motorized window shades are the best protection your can choose for furniture and floors. The added benefits are stretching beyond protection, saving on heating and cooling, increasing privacy and enhancing the interior décor. The motorized window treatments can be customized for any preference – as motorized shades, black-outs, drapes or blinds, with an endless choice of fabrics.

Fisher Island

A multi room audio system, also known as Distributed Audio System allows for any of your music or audio sources to be played in any or all the rooms in the house at the same time. The desired indoor and outdoor audio zones can be selected with ease, and music starts playing everywhere like magic. Multiple speaker placement options – in the walls, ceiling, bookshelves, yard, shower or pool – allow us to design unique systems, blending in with surroundings and minimizing the visual impact.

Fort Lauderdale

With the abundance of video types and qualities in today’s audio visual world, the only efficient way to manage the coexistence of all the technologies is through Video Distribution. Similar to the Distributed Audio, the video signal is processed and routed to the desired room with a simple touch. Through the use of video matrices, reliable streaming equipment, multiple displays and projectors, TV lifts and waterproof displays, we have the perfect solution for every environment. Always.

Golden Beach

Best protection for your home and family comes from selecting quality and reliable components, and adopting security options to fit individual needs. For an enhanced protection, the security & video surveillance systems can be integrated with other systems in your home such as lighting, shades, locks, and fire/CO detectors, alowing for customized responses to various emergencies.


Stand alone or integrated within the home automation system, the access control & heyless entry systems are offering full control of every entry door or gate. We design these systems, so you can easily allow or restrict access and provide you with visual confirmations, whether at home or anywhere in the world.

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