Juno Beach House

Full-Scale Home Automation of a sumptuous nest

Looking to own a slice of paradise, and having the mind set on a full-scale Home Automation system, the owners of this sumptuous nest decided to build a vacation home in Juno Beach, rather than keep looking, as they couldn’t quite find the home of their dream in South Florida.

As far as we were concerned, we were asked to integrate as much technology as possible, to ensure the home will provide as much comfort, entertainment, security and round-the-clock disaster protection as possible while in the home, but also to have full remote capabilities of the home while they are away, and for it to report back to its owners if anything goes wrong while they are away.

Technology Design and Implementation

When building a beach home with traditional architecture influences of coastal New England, making the technology disappear in plain sight and in harmony with the architectural features of the home, was at the top of the priorities for our client.

Take the Great Room for instance – there is an overwhelming amount of technology in that room – but you’ll barely notice any of it. All the Crestron shades are recessed into the ceilings, the 10” Crestron TSW panel is recessed flush into the wall using Trufig panels, the Crestron Horizon keypads are mounted inside the bookshelves, nearly invisible from any angle in the room. How about the sound system you ask? A full 7.1 surround system built into the ceilings, using Architectural Series speakers and an above-the-ceiling Sonance Bandpass Subwoofer. You will only barely notice the Sonance sound bar below the 85”TV, perfectly matching the TV width, and appearing to be part of it.

Having designed a centralized lighting system, allowed us to maintain a very clean architectural look by using Horizon keypads in just a few locations, while ensuring full control of the entire home is within reach at any moment. Occupancy sensors along with the internal astrological clock of the system are aiding in automating many of the lighting and shades events throughout the day.

As carefully crafted as the home’s inside technology is, the outdoor entertainment was equally important, as the couple takes full advantage of the tropical paradise while in the Sunshine state. The outdoor dining area is complemented with Audiovisual, lighting and ventilation controls as well as Motorized Bug Screens, while the pool systems are fully integrated into the smart home. The entire back yard including the pool and custom putting green is flooded with nightclub-quality audio using Sonance Garden speakers and earth-shacking underground subwoofers.

The biggest favorites of the homeowners are the ease of use and the reliability. Crestron Home checks the first box as the user interfaces are clean, intuitive and responsive every time you want to use anything in your smart home. The second box is checked as we’ve carefully designed a well-thought system, engineered it with precision, our team has pre-wired the home to the highest standards and crafted every part of the equipment installation to deliver a reliable system that can actually be enjoyed.

Integrated Technology

  • Crestron Home control system
  • Crestron Centralized Lighting
  • Crestron Sonnex Audio Distribution
  • Crestron DigitalMedia Video Distribution
  • Crestron 10” Touch Panels
  • Crestron Remotes
  • Crestron Horizon Keypads and Thermostats
  • Crestron Motorized Shades & Blackouts
  • Trufig System for Crestron 10” Panels
  • Denon Receivers
  • Samsung TVs
  • Sonance Speakers – Reference, Architectural, Visual Performance, Garden
  • Sonance In-Ceiling Subwoofers
  • Sonance Soundbars
  • Honeywell Security System
  • Eclipse Security Cameras
  • Apple TV
  • Cisco Network Backbone
  • Cisco Network Security Appliances
  • Ruckus Wireless Networking
  • Jandy Pool control
  • FloLogic water leak monitoring and shutoff valve

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