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The Smart Home of a clever family

Embarked on a complete remodeling and addition of a 2nd story to their home, the family has cleverly anticipated the need to future-proof the investment with smart home technology. As the architect was just finishing the plans for the new home, this was the best time to start planning for all the low-voltage wiring and all the systems, so we sat down with the owners, the builder and the architect. The journey has began with our Discovery phase – sketching a new, enhanced lifestyle.

Technology Design and Implementation

The owners wanted to have clean architectural looks throughout, so a centralized lighting system with Horizon keypads was an absolute must. Our design team carried the same concept to speakers, displays and touch panels, carefully blending every component into the architectural features of the home.

From the get-go, we were made aware that the family is Jewish Holidays observant, so the home will have to run itself during the Shabbat and every Holiday throughout the year, while respecting fundamental religious beliefs and traditions of its owners. We’ve implemented an Automated Jewish Calendar containing all the holidays for the next hundred years or so, which not only automates the home holiday-in holiday-out, without any human interaction of any kind, but will provide notifications of upcoming holidays, with the exact Candle and Havdalah time.

The entire indoor and outdoor Lighting, Motorized Shades, Door Locks, Climate, Audiovisual and Security Systems of the home are automated according to the religious events, as well as astrological events such as sunrise and sunset, to accommodate family’s lifestyle and provide comfort and security.

Outfitted with an audiophile sound system in every room and outdoors, the latest in TV technology in every room, tons of lighting presets for every occasion, this home is also an entertainment heaven when it’s time to party.

A powerful Home Theater, crafted by our team with in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and subwoofers can take you on a ride of a lifetime when the lights are dimmed, and the shades are down. Or it can let you practice your favorite instrument, giving you harmonic support, or connecting you to your friends or music teacher to play along

A reliable network connection is always critical in a Smart Home, so we ensured to provide a strong backbone to support the in-house designed enterprise-grade wired and wireless network, allowing the owners and their guests to work, learn and play from the comfort of their home.

The whole family loves the friendly, clean and intuitive interfaces as well as the reliability and security their new smart home has to offer.

Integrated Technology

  • Crestron Home control system
  • Crestron Centralized Lighting
  • Crestron Sonnex Audio Distribution
  • Crestron DigitalMedia Video Distribution
  • Crestron 10” Touch Screens
  • Crestron Remotes
  • Crestron Horizon Keypads and Thermostats
  • Crestron Motorized Shades & Blackouts
  • Denon Receivers
  • Samsung TVs
  • Sonance Speakers – Reference, Visual Performance, Mariner
  • Sonance In-Wall Subwoofers
  • Sonancec Soundbars
  • Honeywell Security System
  • Eclipse Security Cameras
  • Apple TV
  • Cisco Network Backbone
  • Cisco Network Security Appliances
  • Ruckus Wireless Networking

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