How Smart Devices Make the Senior Life Much Safer and Happier

Life is beautiful at every age. You can start a journey in your 20s, 50s or 70s if you have the will and desire. However, we have to admit that certain daily tasks tend to become obnoxious when you age.

It can be a small task that takes you too much time, an annoying chore, or something you used to do, but now prefer to have someone else do it for you.

Also, you don’t trust your hips as you used to and probably it will be safer to avoid certain labors.

This is why smart technology is brilliant and the absolute savior. Here’s how:

The Husqvarna Will Mow the Lawn for You

Lawn mowing is an activity that takes a lot of time and energy and that can be quite “expensive” in the older ages. The good news is that we know a solution: the automated lawn mower.

Husqvarna 450x, for instance, is capable of trimming your lawn to a predefined height and do it without any intervention on your part. Besides that, it can work in a perimeter defined by you and it can charge itself automatically, resuming the work when the battery is at optimal level.

Similar to Husqvarna, there is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler (taking care of watering your garden) or the Nanofarm which helps you turn your living room in a garden.

Toi Labs Helps You Uncover Health Problems Early On

While nobody wants to hear bad news about the health condition, the faster we know it, the better chances we have to deal with the issue.

Toi Labs knows this and that’s why their smart toilet sit monitors critical health parameters after every flush. The gadget collects data from each sit and sends notifications to authorized people automatically.

It also generates daily reports that can be tracked via the app.

Smart Pet Feeders and Smart Litters Will Save You Time and Energy

Our pets are always there for us and we should always be there for them. However, feeding and cleaning after them is a true job, especially when you are older and when you have more four legged friends.

The solution we propose is the PetNet SmartFeeder and the Litter Robot. The SmartFeeder will ensure that your cat / dog will get their treats based on a sensor or by triggering the dispenser via the app. Besides that, the SmartFeeder also includes a camera, making it the perfect tool for when you are away, as well.

The Litter Robot is also great for when you are away, or too tired to clean your cat’s litter box. It has an sensor that detects when the cat “generated” unwanted materials and automatically packs it in a sealed bag, ready for the bin.

Echo Show – The Voice Assistant with a Display

Every granny and grandpa loves to talk to their grandchildren, especially if it is a video call in which the little ones share their works of art. If the device is also packed with a personal assistant, then everything is perfect.

Echo Show from Amazon is such a device, a tool that helps the elderly engage with the technology without typing, without using a mouse or a keyboard, and even control other smart appliances.

The device includes a display as well, therefore making it perfect for YouTube videos and tutorials for recipes or DIY sessions.

DoorBird – The Smart Doorbell with Video and Notifications

Securing your home in old age is a must. It is important to know when you get a package, and to be able to communicate with people, give them access or restrict access without having to be near the door.

After all, running towards the door in old age can get you in trouble. The solution to this is called DoorBird, an all-in-one smart doorbell.

DoorBird can send you notifications when someone is near your door, it can record events and even enable a two-way communication between you and the person in front of your door, right from your device.

Yale Smart Locks – Lock and Unlock the Door Remotely

If you want to allow people in without leaving the couch, then the Yale Smart Locks are the solution for you. These smart locks help you set up pin locks, finger print locks or device-enabled locks.

You can grant easy access from your mobile app or enable guest access based on a certain schedule.

Motion Sensors Turn on The Lights

A great idea is to get notified when a senior gets out of bed and know that he’s doing well. The solution is to install a smart lightbulb alongside a sensor which gets triggered whenever the person lives the bed.

This can be configured to send out a notification to an authorized person, who’s going to know that the person is up.

Walabot Home – Scans and Detects if a Person Falls Down

To take things even further and get alerted when a senior falls down, you can install Walabot Home. Walabot will detect if a person stands or if they are laid down.

Need any Help?

These are just some of the ideas we have for optimizing the well-being of elder people’s life in smart homes. Our team works everyday to find new and innovative ways to make your home life a little better using technology.

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