Motorized Blinds – Are They Worth It?

Motorized Blinds

We’ve talked about motorized shades in a lot of our posts here at Geeks of Technology. The truth is we really enjoy working with the most customizable blinds / shades option out there – Crestron Shading Solutions.

It is indeed a solution that can fit in any home or office, no matter how small or large it is. CSS offers classic shades, modern shades, roman styles and even a color matching service which stands out in the crowd.

The Crestron Shading Solutions is silent, fast, works with custom controls and even offers lifetime warranty.

Nevertheless, there are tons of people who still wonder why a motorized blinds setup is beneficial to them. Well, here are some great examples:

1. They Protect Your Furniture, Art and Carpets From Sun Burns

In Florida and sunny places allover US is not uncommon to see the damage of the UV sunlights on the customer’s carpets, floor or furniture. In fact, if left untreated, the sunlights can contribute to washing-out every piece of color in your home.

Thankfully, motorized blinds come in multiple opacity levels so you can go with the one that fits your needs the best. For instance, you can go with a translucent fabric which blocks the UV lights, reduces solar heat gain and offers you privacy while allowing some light to enter your home.

2. Save More Energy and Money

Did you know you can put your blinds to work for you in order to maximize the natural lighting for your home?

Well, the blinds can save up in heating during winter and draw back the costs for ventilation during summer by blocking unwanted sunlight.

The even better part is that you can pack-up your blinds with a sensor or timer to automate this process and save more time.

3. Convenient and Time Saving

One benefit that stands above all is the convenience factor. You gotta love motorized blinds simply because they are so easy to use and they save you a lot of time.

Just imagine how difficult is to roll-down / up a 15 ft window blind every single day. Think about how much time that would mean if you’d have 4-5 of these spread all around your home.

Fortunately, motorized shades and blinds can be controlled remotely and even run on a defined schedule.

You can set up the shades to roll-up when the sun shines and roll down when the night comes in. Also, you can define a group of shades to behave in a certain way or a different schedule.

Besides that, you can choose to control your shades from a mobile app, a classic wall mounted switch or from a touch panel.

4. Choose From a Variety of Styles or Color Match

Here at Geeks of Technology we partnered up with Crestron Shading Solutions, the leader in custom integrated motorized shades and blinds.

Their solution offers over 400 fabric designs ranking from classic to modern, from dark to light and colorful and from standard to 100% custom.

The custom part is thanks to Crestron Color Match service which basically allows you to pick any color from the Pantone® spectrum and they will match it for your roller shades.

Keep in mind that Crestron is the only company that goes to this level of customization.

5. Safer Than Traditional Blinds

Unlike traditional blinds, motorized blinds don’t include cords or chains. This is very important to take into account when you have babies around or pets that love to play with strings.

The fact they are cordless means not just a convenience improvement, but also a safety measure that keeps your loved ones away from strangling dangers.

6. They Enhance Your Home Security

When you are away from home you need to make sure that not everyone knows that. When everybody knows that, potential burglars know as well.

As a means to prevent that, motorized blinds offer you a way to bring life in your home by controlling the blinds remotely from anywhere in the world. This lets you invite the sun in your home while keeping potential purglars alerted of your presence.

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