10 Brilliant Ways to Use Smart Lighting in Your Home

There’s no secret that Geeks of Technology engineers love lighting setups. In fact, we all love the smart lighting projects in one way or another.

Many people however don’t exactly know to what extend such a setup can go and how it can help them in their homes.

Here are some fun ideas on how you can start using smart lighting in your home.

1. Use Smart Lighting Controls

The smart lighting without proper controls is not actually smart lighting. At Geeks of Technology we offer a large list of controllers from: futuristic touch panels, mobile apps or voice control to help you take charge of how lighting behaves.

Therefore, the use of smart lighting controls can help you turn on or off the light for a room, a group of defined rooms or dim / brighten the light.

Additionally, you can opt-in for RGB lighting that changes color based on your preferences.

2. Use Smart Lighting to Enhance Security

Not many people know that lighting can work on a defined schedule. This is quite useful when you want to let people know that you are home even when you are not.

Besides, you can trigger the “light” switch remotely via your app from wherever you are in the world or even attach it to a sensor.

If you want a lightbulb or a group to work based on a sensor, this will trigger once it detects movement at a certain distance.

3. Change Lighting Color to Match Your Mood or Music

One of the fun features that some smart lighting setups offer is the ability to change color on demand. In fact, most such systems use the RGB color palette which basically offers an unlimited number of custom colors.

You can basically choose to generate the desired color on a smart device such as your mobile phone or a dedicated remote controller.

4. Use Smart Lighting for Entertainment

Lightbulbs like LIFX can trigger the popular stroboscope effect or even blink in the same beat as the music.

Smart LED strips can greatly enhance the TV viewing experience with ambiance lighting that change with the image. This is a highly preferred feature by the gamers community and RGB lovers.

5. Dim or Brighten the Light Using Your Phone

While our smart lighting solutions integrate with custom touch panel controls and classic modular panels, you should know that we can also build a custom GUI to help you take charge of all the lights in your home.

You can control each lightbulb individually or set custom groups. You can also change the RGB colors or dim them as you please. All of these and more can easily be done from your mobile phone.

6. “Wash” the Walls in Your Favorite Colors

When it is used properly, smart lighting can be an element that gasps life into your home. This is the case with wall lighting solutions, light that changes colors on a timer or using a color of your choice.

7. Schedule Light for Going to Sleep or Waking Up

A lot of people nowadays suffer from sleep issues and struggling to wake up refreshed. What not so many people understand is that light plays a vital role in these processes.

Red light (warm light) for instance is responsible for the release of a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is the one that helps you relax and go to sleep. Blue light (cold light) is responsible for the release of serotonin which in term makes you feel more energic and revitalized.

You can schedule proper lighting scenes to work based on your daily routine and prepare for sleep ahead.

8. Get Notifications from Smart Lightbulbs

Did you know that smart lightbulbs can help you acknowledge certain things that happen in your home? For instance, you can set up a lightbulb to flicker whenever you receive an IM or whenever someone is at the front door.

You can also get notified when a certain custom pre-defined trigger happens.

9. Take Your Ceiling Lighting to The Next Level

LED lighting opens new doors in terms of design and creativity. Thanks to LED strips and optical fiber lighting you can now go to new lengths.

For instance, you can start building a custom shape out of RGB LED strips right on your ceiling, or even go further and build your own 3D star constellations out of optical fiber lighting. Combine all that with a powerful surround sound system and you have a proper show in your living room.

10. Combine Lighting with Sensors to Save Energy

Light sensors are real life saviors because they can help you save energy by toggling lights only when they are needed. Besides that, it is more than convenient to “remove the need” for light switches when it comes to outdoor lighting.

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