What is IoT and How it Can Help Your Smart Home?

The Internet of Things is a great topic for us, geeks because it is the technology that opened up so many opportunities while changing the way we operate on a daily basis.

While the concept of IoT is not something new (used since 1985), people only seem to capitalize on the capabilities of this technology just now.

IoT has millions of applications in the corporate space, enabling companies to grow their business, but for residential space, this technology simply makes wonders.

Let’s get started from the beginning.

What is IoT?

IoT or Internet of Things represents the communication between different smart gadgets, appliances and objects that include sensors and have the ability to process data through software, and are able to connect to the internet and exchange collected data with other devices of the same kind.

In simple translation, IoT represents the communication between two or more devices via the internet in order to change a state of a device / appliance or collect relevant data through sensors.

Some examples of IoT uses: turning the dishwasher on from the mobile phone, checking out the status of your smart fridge using your tablet, turning on the thermostat from your mobile phone, asking the coffee machine to prepare you a latte etc.

Why IoT is Vital for Smart Homes?

Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly become one of the most influential technologies developed in the recent decades. Thanks to IoT we can get access to various devices in our home remotely, right from our smartphone or tablets.

This changes the game in so many ways that you can’t imagine. For example, thanks to IoT, you can feed your pet when you are not home, you can turn off the smart stove or check if your smart lock is actually locked after you leaved the house.

Besides that, you can turn on the heating before you get home (thus reducing the heating costs) and check out the surveillance system with just few taps.

You can also turn on / off the AC or control the room humidity so that everything is nice and cozy when you get back home.

The future of IoT looks even brighter than these simple examples. Just imagine how IoT in combination with technologies like 5G enable a surgeon to perform a complex procedure remotely, or how a person delivers a package, driving a car from West Palm Beach to Boca Raton without having to leave their home, using their VR system alone.

Is IoT Safe?

Well, just like every other emerging technology, there are certain concerns about the privacy and security of the data collected. This is why governments and tech giants developed standards and guidelines for the manufacturers.

We use military grade encryption with every installation and share our unbeatable security guide with every customer we have. Besides that, we have never encountered any issues whatsoever in over 15 years of activity. Most security breaches we have ever dealt with in this sector were due to human error (sharing passwords or sensitive data with unauthorized people).

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