Google Smart Display – The New Smart Assistant That Shows You Everything

Google Smart Display

It was about time for Google to step up and bring it’s smart AI assistant Google Now on a new device, one that embeds a display and makes your day more interactive and fun, hence the Google Smart Display.

It was a huge shock for all tech geeks out there when they realized that Google wasn’t present at the CES back in January when competitors like JBL and Lenovo showcased similar products.

We started to think that Google lost precious field in the AI industry because not long ago, Amazon introduced Echo Show, a small yet interactive AI with a display system, the smart, screen-powered speaker.

Everybody seems to love it so it wasn’t making any sense why Google isn’t bringing their big guns on the market. Probably Google took some time into implementing their best assets and perfecting the Smart Display.

It turns out that Google decided to partner up with the two for the manufacturing process.

It is definitely an upgrade from the “classic” Google Home which does a great job at handling daily tasks and home automation commands.

Having a display incorporated makes things way much more interesting and fun altogether.

Besides that, the users of Google Smart Display will have huge advantage over other smart speaker owners.

Google is planning to bring extraordinary features and packages that will blow everyone’s mind. What we know right now is that Google Smart Display plans to offer:

Surveillance Access and Video Calls

The Smart Display will allow you to connect to cameras installed in your home or office and view everything in real time through an HD display.

It’s also confirmed that the display will incorporate Google Duo, a video call application which is available for Android and iOS devices. This will allow you to connect with friends and family via voice commands.

Free access to YouTube Premium

For those of you who don’t know, Google introduced YouTube Premium, a service which allows you to play YouTube videos without ads and allows you to stream music in the background.

This is great because it fits especially nice with the YouTube Originals (TV Series) and most talented content creators.

Ask Google Now to show you how to cook, build new projects or start playing your favorite ESPN program.

We also must mention that the free period is only for 3 months.

Support for Google Maps, Calendar and Photos

One of the most desired features of the Google Home device was the ability to generate road maps and display satellite images of regions and cities.

Now you’ll be happy to know that Google Display will incorporate these alongside options to view your daily / weekly calendar and even showcase your Google Photos library.

8 inch and 10 inch Displays

The new device will be available in 8-inch for the price of $199.99 while the 10-inch display will start at $249.99.

You’ll be able to get the new display from retailers like: Walmart,, Costco, Lenovo and other authorized retailers.

Google says it will be releasing the awesome Smart Display at the end of this year and that’s great for the holiday season because they are planning to also launch the new Pixel 3 in October.

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