Questions to Ask Before Starting a Partnership with a Smart Home Integrator

Smart Home Integrators

Nowadays there are so many home automation companies and smart home integrators out there that is quite easy to feel overwhelmed and bombarded with fake information all the time.

Our purpose with this article is to help you find the answers to what really matters when choosing to partner up with a smart home specialist.

After all, a luxury smart home installation isn’t cheap and you definitely don’t do it every day. In fact, if things are done right, you won’t have to change it at all in a lifetime.

1. Ask Them About their Portfolio and Testimonials

Every reputable smart home integrator should be able to provide an online portfolio of projects. This way you’ll see the extend of work they’re able to provide.

Also, check out the user testimonials because most sites will provide these. Make sure you check them on other sites as well because sometimes the ones on their sites are not written by actual customers.

2. Is the Installed System Secured?

Security is what gives you peace of mind when you leave home and the house is unattended. This translates into a solid solution that protects your Wi-Fi system against hacker attacks, protection against smart lock breaking and entering, offers safety when gas or water leakage happens.

It is also a great idea to implement perimetral security sustained by surveillance cameras and CCTV.

Our system, for instance offers military grade encryption for smart locks and access control. We also supplement those with secured Wi-Fi connections, smart leak detectors (gas and water) and work with most advanced surveillance solutions.

Ask your integrator if they can help you with these because they are essential for any household.

3. Will the System Enhance Your Daily Activities and Save You Time?

At the end of the day, the whole purpose of a smart home system is to enhance your life, to bring you more joy and to make your daily task more fun and entertaining.

That’s why we believe in tailored solutions, home systems designed to fit your own or family needs. Make sure you discuss with your integrator all the aspects like:

  • Lighting – can I schedule intervals; can I control the lighting through panels or mobile devices / tablets?
  • Audio / Video Distribution – Will the system be able to play the same media files on multiple rooms or will the Audio be able to follow me in every room?
  • Security and Door Locks – Will I be able to provide remote access to my home using a mobile app or security code?

Just make a list of requirements that you have on a daily basis and discuss them with your integrator. Don’t forget, customization is what makes a smart home really special.

4. Is the System Energy Efficient and Will it Save You Money on The Long Run?

Most people think that a smart home is an expensive implementation that doesn’t offer much on the long run. The truth however is that a smart home is all about optimizing an environment to be as productive as possible.

In fact, a wise smart home installation can save you quite some money and sustain a green lifestyle. Some good examples include:

  • The Use of Sensors and Leak Detectors – Sensors will make sure you don’t leave the faucet running or the lights on when they are not required, while the leak detectors will stop running water when a leakage is detected or a gas leak happens.
  • The Use of Smart LED Bulbs – LED bulbs offer a longer lifecycle and consume only a tiny amount of electricity compared with traditional bulbs, generating the same output at a fraction of the cost.
  • Smart Thermostats – The smart thermostat can be controlled remotely and it can run on seasonal settings / schedule, knowing how to adjust temperature when people are home and save energy when they are not home.

Learn more about energy efficiency and how a smart home saves you time and money.

The same principles are true for smart garden sprinklers, doorbells and monitoring solutions. The ingenuity comes from a smart integrator that knows how to program and connect all of the solutions in an interface that’s easy to use for you and your family.

This takes us to the next question:

5. Is the Implemented Technology Intuitive and Easy to Use for Me and My Family?

A solid home control system is highly customizable, intuitive and easy to use. This means it allows you to control lighting, distributed TV / audio, security system and additional smart devices from one single device or strategically placed devices (tablets / control smart pads).

6. Does the Current Smart Home Infrastructure Support Upgrades?

As I said earlier, you probably don’t want to change the smart home solution every year. This is why you have to choose wisely right from the start.

A strong wiring infrastructure and a stable smart home solution are your allies for life. At Geeks of Technology we always choose Crestron and that’s why warranty is always one of our top assets in the arsenal for smart home integration.

GeeksFL Crestron Integration

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