The Birth of The Mancave – The Ultimate Home Automation Experience

The Man Cave

In today’s society people get stressed and overwhelmed by a lot of tasks and situations. You can get stressed at school, at work, while driving, while doing groceries and even while waiting in line to get your coffee.

For men, it is especially difficult at times because usually they don’t go to a spa or a manicure saloon to get relaxed. To solve this issue, the smart man invented the ultimate solution called “The Man Cave”.

What is a Man Cave?

In a traditional sense, a man cave is a room that is filled with “escape gear” that disconnects you from the daily routine. In a technological sense, the same is true + a lot of technology wonders to enhanced your hobbies and gaming experiences.

Think of a man cave to be the ultimate sanctuary designed to treat a man after a long busy day at work or a week filled with a ton of stress. It is the place where men escape while their loved ones go at the spa or at the playing ground.

What can You Find in a Smart Man Cave?

The options are basically endless in this area. After all, a man cave should include every piece of technology you enjoy.

However, most often, in a man cave you’ll find the following:

1. A Super-Sized TV Screen

It goes without saying that a large TV screen is essential in this kind of place. After all, it is the central piece of the entertainment system.

The TV must be gamer-ready, sports ready and filled with all the awesome features like Roku, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Fire etc.

After all, here you’ll watch your favorite game shows, sports events and play games with your friends. The preferred diagonal size is usually between 60” to 100” in size and 4K is a must.

If you really want to make an impression, then the motorized concealment option is a must!

This is actually quite practical if you want to hide the television and reveal a bar or a poker gaming table for instance or use the space for something creative.

2. Outstanding 3D Surround System

For a truly immersive experience, you need a sound system that compliments the TV screen the best. This is why you can opt-in for a concealed HIFI sound system which you can’t see, but you definitely can feel.

The options in this sector are endless. Get in touch with one of our integrators and we’ll let you know what fits best according to your room size and preferences.

3. Gaming Console + VR

If you want to take the immersive experience to the next level, then a VR headset is essential. It is also important to choose the right gaming console for your needs.

4. Smart AI and Virtual Assistant

It is not uncommon to eat popcorn, drink a beer, play a game or be engaged in a VR experience when someone rings at the door or the phone starts ringing.

In those times it is great to have a smart virtual assistant that answers for you. You can use a smart assistant like Josh.AI which is perfect for scheduled commands and works seamlessly with TV integrations like: Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, YouTube etc.

You can tell Josh.AI to do certain tasks in a defined time interval or tell him to do multiple tasks at once. Josh can also turn on certain predefined scenes that set you in the mood when you get back into your man cave.

For instance, you can set the gaming scene in which you play your favorite tracks, the RGB lighting turns to green and the TV and sound systems are turned on automatically on your presets.

Learn more about the Josh.AI virtual assistant.

5. High-end WiFi Network

A room like a man cave heavily relies on a strong internet connection. This is especially true if you want to play network-based games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fallout, Overwatch, Fortnite etc.

It is essential to be able to count on a strong connection at all times and avoid speed fluctuations. Our enterprise-grade WiFi setup is there for you and your friends, supporting tens of devices and multiple users connected simultaneously.

6. Smart Locks and Doorbells

You definitely don’t want to be disturbed in your man cave so we highly recommend you to opt-in for our smart locks and doorbells. This way you’ll get notified whenever someone approaches and only people with access can enter.

The smart locks will even allow you to set a custom pin-code and you can distribute it to friends only.

7. Plenty of RGB Lighting Solutions

Did you know that you can easily enhance the gaming experience with interactive RGB lighting? Our solutions even allow you to choose the exact color from your man cave décor and have it play interactively whenever you are playing a game or use them as a notification system.

8. Motorized Shades / Blinds

Who’s to say that you can’t play you favorite game in the middle of the day? The sunlight…but not if you have the full opaque blinds and window treatments. You can choose whether or not you want natural light in your special room.

After all, it is a man cave! Our motorized shades / blinds / curtains offer lifetime warranty and they can be fully customized to follow a specific drawing path.

Besides that, you can color-match the blinds with the room and even control them from the smartphone application.

Be Creative

Who’s to say that a man cave has to be a room in your home? You can go further and build a man cave on a marine vessel like a yacht or an RV (for instance). In fact, we’ve been working on plenty of projects like these.

Usually, on these we installed:

  • VSAT and Networking Solutions for Sea and Road
  • VoIP Communication Solutions
  • Pools and Saunas Automation (LED and Sound Solutions)

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