5 Reasons Why DIY Home Automation is a Myth

DIY Home Automation is a Myth

I see that more and more blogs and YouTube channels promote the DIY projects with every chance they get. We love those videos and really endorse a lot of the products featured in such projects.

However, what we don’t actually enjoy is the message that everything in home automation is a DIY project!

While setting up an Alexa assistant or lighting up a Philips Hue lighting bulb isn’t a science per se, dealing with wiring and security systems or HVAC really is.

Today’s article is meant to help you understand why you shouldn’t engage in DIY home automation projects and what are the drawbacks of this process.

1. DIY is Never Easy

Many people live under the impression that home automation means a couple of smart devices here and there, with a WiFi connection and an Alexa smart assistant.

The truth however is way different than this. Real smart homes are all about system integration and building a smart ecosystem that is sustainable.

Besides that, a true smart home is taking into account device compatibility, scalability and attention to details that make the life of the owner much more pleasant.

2. Having a Smart Switch and an Alexa Device Doesn’t Make Your Home a Smart Home

As I said earlier, simply plugging some smart devices and connecting them to the internet won’t make your home a smart home. This is the wrong message that consumer products want you to believe and trust.

High-end home automation on the other hand ensures that the smart home benefits are there without being all that intrusive. You know it’s there, you have access to it 24/7, but you don’t have to worry about figuring out how it works.

3. Ensuring Device Compatibility is a Real Hustle

There are tons of companies battling to bring a great home automation experience. This is great, but most of them offer a niche product and chances are you’ll have to work with at least 5 to 10 brands for your home automation project.

This will more than likely lead to compatibility issues and at least 10 new apps on your mobile phone. Besides that, you’ll barely even get to customize anything and the whole thing may become even messier than it is without automation.

4. Wiring is Not a Job to Treat Lightly

Every smart home integrator knows that powerful smart technology always relies on a powerful structure. In this case we talk about the strategy to pull wires so that everything will be optimized for performance and distributed for scalability.

Usually, this process is the most time consuming and requires a professional to do it properly. We certainly don’t recommend you to take this job, even if you have previous experience with wiring projects.

Give us a call and talk with one of our experts about this instead!

5. Failure can Cost You a Lot

Just imagine you fail at implementing a smart lock, a surveillance system or you mess up the wiring in your entire home. This can lead to serious consequences that are very difficult to repair.

When it comes to securing your home you definitely need to be sure that the best solution is at your door.

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