TRUFIG – How to Make Your Outlets Invisible

TRUFIG Outlets

We are strong believers in the design of a smart home and know that the technology always goes hand in hand with the art of aesthetics, good taste and camouflage.

GeeksFL focuses on creating a seamless integration when it comes to outlets, HVAC systems, audio and video as well as control panels and remote systems. The keyword here is “blending-in”.

That is why today’s product makes us very enthusiastic and proud. TRUFIG is the name and the changer of the game.

What is TRUFIG?

TRUFIG is a designer’s dream come true, a solution built to eradicate the bulky, visually unappealing outlets and touch panels from your smart home.

The TRUFIG concept focuses on transforming classic outlets in a way that removes all unnecessary level and makes it so that it completely blends in the background using a patented design model.

When I say blend, I really mean it. In fact, TRUFIG blends so well that you won’t even know where the outlet is. It doesn’t even matter what pattern you have on your wall, kitchen counter or wardrobe because TRUFIG will match it.

The even better part is that TRUFIG works with popular solutions like Crestron Cameo Express Keypad® or Crestron® Ascent. It is also compatible with Decora® or Lutron® Palladiom.

How Does TRUFIG Work?

The TRUFIG system is based on 3 parts: mounting platform, trim component and fascia.

The even better part is that TRUFIG also brings faux-painted fascias to match the surrounding surface. This is a special painting process which makes the outlet / touch panel integrate fully inside the surrounding surface.

There are no screws or bolts and it is all supported by powerful neodymium magnets which can be mounted and unmounted quite easily using a special tool.

What to Expect?

You could talk about the technology behind and the mounting system all day long if you want, but the truth is that nothing speaks louder than the pictures of the end-product.

TRUFIG looks amazing on classic walls, marble surfaces and even backgrounds with random patterns. In fact, I bet you’ll have to stare for a while in order to notice the position of the outlets.

Why Trust TRUFIG?

TRUFIG has its commencement point in 1982 when the parent company, Dana Innovations created Sonance.

Sonance was built by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencers as a means to create in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that don’t compromise sound while they look aesthetically pleasing and can be integrated in luxury homes.

Sonance became the leader in camouflage sound solutions for both indoor and outdoor usage. In fact, they dominate this industry for more then 2 decades now.

It turns out that the same principles of blending smart technology inside walls applies to outlets and touch panels as well.

Introducing Faux Painting

Besides the revolutionary, clean mounting panel that comes with TRUFIG we have “Faux Painting”, a way of customizing the fascias so that they match their environment.

The painting process includes applying a XIM Primer / Bonder and a special spray paint that needs to be applied from the right angle in a precise manner.

The end-results are spectacular and close to an art-piece.

These are usually done for drywall, stone, wood, marble, Venetian plaster and pretty much all types of materials.

Where can you Implement TRUFIG?

TRUFIG is such a versatile solution that it is only limited by your imagination. Their Houzz portfolio includes so many examples you will be amazed.

Still, to help you understand a little bit about the applications of TRUFIG we recommend you to check the list below.

  • TRUFIG for Outlets
  • Touch Panels and iPad Mounts
  • Backlit Keypads
  • Kitchen Outlets
  • HVAC Systems
  • Linear Diffusers
  • Smart Assistants like
  • Crestron Touch Panels and Controllers
  • Blank Fascias
  • Savant Controllers
  • Leviton Dimmers and Keypads
  • Dimmers & Switches
  • Audio Products from Sonance

Would You Like to Have TRUFIG in Your Home?

GeeksFL is proud to be one of the few integrators in Miami who works with Sonance and TRUFIG systems, making us most qualified for providing high-end integration that matches your decor.

Get in touch with our integrators at (954) 251-0600 or by filling the Getting Started form.

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