Enterprise Grade WiFi and Why You Need It

Enterprise WiFi and Why You Need It

Here at Geeks of Technology we focus on building scalable projects that manage to withstand the test of time and high demands from appliances and smart technologies that our customers may include in the future.

Besides ensuring a top-notch infrastructure based on low-voltage wiring and power consumption optimization, we also need to ensure outstanding wireless connectivity.

We believe that a lightning fast, uninterrupted connectivity goes a long way into providing that ultimate luxury experience and we strive to hit perfection in this area every single time.

Enterprise Grade WiFi, Our Top Ally!

Enterprise WiFi vs Consumer Grade

While most WiFi solutions nowadays offer decent connectivity when it comes to having 2-3 smart devices around, things tend to go sideways fast however when you start adding new devices.

The enterprise grade WiFi ensures proper bandwidth distribution, exceptional coverage and uninterrupted, stable connections at all times.

Why Enterprise Grade WiFi?

People wonder why would they need an enterprise WiFi connection. Well, the answer lays in the following:

1. Cutting Edge Security

When you know that you live in a smart home in which every appliance is connected to the internet, you make sure you benefit from the military-grade encryption system and the best possible security offered in the cyber space.

2. Stable Connectivity

Nobody enjoys a slow internet connection and surely everybody hates when an internet connectivity is crucial and you lose signal. An enterprise WiFi solution ensures that this never happens, no matter in what corner of your house you are or even on the roof or in the basement.

Our team can help you conduct a thorough perimeter scan and ensure that no spot is left uncovered.

3. Scalable – Capable to Sustain Hundreds of Connections Simultaneously

The thing that makes Enterprise grade WiFi so amazing is the ability to scale based on your needs. No matter if you use your WiFi to connect 2-5 devices or 100+, the enterprise solution can scale up with your needs without compromising quality or speed.

4. Extended Bandwidth

I’m sure it happened to you at least once to want to stream a video on your computer, someone else on a TV while the kids are playing on the internet with their friends and all of a sudden, the internet became very sluggish.

This happens because of limited bandwidth allocation. An enterprise solution ensures that such scenarios are avoided at all cost.

5. Different Protocols than Classic WiFi

Unlike your old WiFi that has signal issues or dead zones, the enterprise WiFi takes advantage of WAPs – multiple access points placed strategically all over your home.

How to Decide if You Need Enterprise Grade WiFi

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